Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Whole New World

Now that Mia is able to hold her head up well and is less wobbly in general, we have introduced her to the exersaucer. At first it did not go well. Of course that may be because her first introduction was at 6:00 in the evening when she is already notoriously fussy.
The second introduction didn't go much better because Austin was overly enthusiastic about "showing" her how to use the various toys.
So, I finally got smart and staged the timing so that the third time would be a charm. I put her in first thing in the morning while Austin was still sleeping. Success!!!!
She loved it, was cooing away and doing fine until....she moved her feet and involuntarily spun around to another toy. The motion and removal of a toy she liked were more than she could handle. Wailing ensued and I realized that unlike Austin she is very senstive is going to need SLOW, EASY, GENTLE introductions into most everything.
If Austin is the epitomy of a boy, she is definitely the epitomy of a girl. Everyone says that every child is different and there is no doubt that is the case in our household. I guess I can be hopeful that the saying "opposites attract" will hold true and they will be great friends as they grow up.
So anyway, she is now past the introductory stage of the exersaucer and is having a blast. I did manage to get some pictures of her smiling while playing, but unfortunately they were all very blurry. Oh well, I have many months to capture her joy before she outgrows it.


Jenn said...

That's great that she's liking it. I only had a walker with the girls but then I got the saftey first bouncing buggy with my son and he loved it, I wish they still made them since I sold it after he was done with it. I got the bouncy rain forest thing for the baby and I like it but I keep thinking I wish I still had the car the tray was big on the back end so lots of toys he liked could fit and when he was bigger snacks fit there too and his bottle on this thing there is no tray and just a very tiny little space for treats and there is no way a bottle or cup could fit. Plus I don't know why but I keep thinking maybe I should get one like yours instead of just having the bouncy one. Sorry I'm babbling away ,I must need sleep. haha

Monkey's Momma said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. I happened to notice that you were an elementary school teacher and was wondering if you could read my latest blog post, entitled "The Negative Teacher", and give me feedback from a teacher's point of view. I would really appreciate it! Thanks :)

Linney Shvede said...

She is adorable! Saw you on the Mom Blogs Forum!